How to distinguish between Synthetic & Natural leather


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1. Characteristics

As a chemical compound, synthetic leather can smell badly by false processing and become discolored by taints applied. While natural leather has excellent functions such as protecting wind and naturally ventilating so as to be well put on in autumn, winter, and spring, synthetic leather does not. Moreover, synthetic leather is very cold so it is not good to wear the garment even in a windy autumn day.


2. Weight and feel

Synthetic leather is heavier than sheepskin but lighter than cowhide. Its feel is cold and tough rather than soft of sheepskin. Cowhide feels tougher and heavier than synthetic leather, but is widely used for motorcycle items.


3. How to distinguish leathers

1) Put leather close to a lighter.

Because synthetic leather is a chemical compound, it is to contract or burn out immediately only by a quick touch of fire from a lighter. However, natural leather is not to burn or contract at all in the same situation.


2) Spread natural cream on leather.

Natural leather items become glossier and softer with massage cream or cold cream applied, while synthetic leather ones are to get spots due to the absorbed cream. Natural leather absorbs nutrients of the cream like the human skin, however, synthetic one is to get spots despite its similar absorbing process. Therefore, through this, you can easily distinguish the two.


Throughout online, there are a lot of cases selling synthetic leather as if it is natural leather. Synthetic leather can merely imitate natural one but it is entirely different from natural one in terms of characteristics. In ordering synthetic leather items, indeed, many of them are delivered with totally different looks from what they are seen online. Thus, it is essential to order leather items after carefully checking their detailed photos. In addition, the prices of high quality synthetic leather items are somewhat similar to those of natural leather’s. Wise buyers might be those who avoid purchasing cheap synthetic leather items and choose to buy natural leather items by adding a little more money rather than ones made of expensive synthetic leather.


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